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Kerem hotel Group: Elma Hotel / Gordonia Hotel


“And the spirit of man will adhere to the spirit of creation, and they will become one living soul.” (A.D. Gordon)

From Gordonia, every sunset looks like it was painted just for you. The hills of Jerusalem and the trails of history are spread out at your feet and the world is awash in colors so bright, it’s like nothing you’ve seen before.

Hospitality at every luxurious villa is customized to meet your personal preferences. We strive to get to know you personally from the very first interaction, so that we can ensure an enchanting private hospitality experience created just for you.

Spectacular views over high trees and the hills of Jerusalem can be enjoyed alongside a clear, refreshing private outdoor pool, personal concierge, and dedicated chef, ensuring unending tranquility. With private space to breathe in the intoxicating aroma of crisp mountain air, this is a vacation for those who hold the highest standards.


There are not many places that echo the story of Israel in a clear, distinct voice; there are only a few where the visitor can tune into the past while totally enjoying the present. The new Gordonia Hotel at Kibbutz Ma’ale Hahamisha is one of these rare places. Acquaint yourself with the green, tranquil setting – the enchantment and tremendous pull of the landscape of the Jerusalem Hills, along with the roots, struggles, the desire for a tranquil life, the bond with the land, the vineyards, forests and hills – and you will understand the story of Israel.

In the heart of the Jerusalem Hills, on the northwestern slope of Mt. Ruach, just 10 km from Jerusalem, a small cenotaph has been erected in the memory of five founding members of the original modern Jewish settlement there, named Gordonia. Gordonia was a Zionist-pioneer youth movement that believed in the values of labor and education as espoused by Zionist writer/philosopher A.D. Gordon, and its members, young people that immigrated to Israel as pioneers, adopted Gordon’s values. The five in whose name the memorial was erected, were shot dead in 1938, while clearing land for a road leading to the top of the mountain. The settlement in their memory, which was established soon after the murder, was named Ma’ale Hahamisha, Hebrew for “The Ascent of the Five.”