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Kerem hotel Group: Elma Hotel / Gordonia Hotel


The exclusive villa hotel is situated 800 meters above sea level where it is enveloped in the clear mountain air and complete serenity. Spreading out over 1.1 hectares of rolling green vistas, every villa is surrounded by natural groves, spectacular wildflowers, and local herbs.

The Gordonia Private Hotel has 21 single-story vacation suites available to guests, each one equipped with the latest technology for maximum comfort and ease. Private swimming pools opposite a spectacular, breathtaking landscape promise a rare and precious experience.

Each balcony has a cooking station that is fully equipped with all the most advanced amenities. With beautiful views over the dreamlike landscape of the Jerusalem hills, these balconies invite guests to enjoy delicious meals and private events in the open air.

Hotel accommodation is for adults only.

Gordonia Hotel - Private Hotel