One of the goals of the website is to ensure that it affords people with disabilities the best possible level of accessibility.

Based on our strong belief that every individual has the right to live a proud, equal-opportunity and independent life, we have invested significant resources and many hours of labor in developing the site, to ensure that it will be as user-friendly and accessible as can be for people with disabilities.

Accessibility Panel is using accessible-poetry WordPress plugin that allows to improve its compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0).

The accessibility panel can be enabled by clicking the accessibility menu icon that appears on the corner of the page.

What does the panel include

Cancellation flashes
Highlighting titles
Zoom In – Zoom Out
Increase and decrease font site
Change font to read more (Ariel font)
Highlight links in the site by underline
Highlight links in the site by highlighting color
Contrast Change Site Colors – Bright Contrast / Dark Contrast


We are continuing all the time, in our efforts to improve accessibility to our site, believing that it is our moral responsibility to enable continuous, accessible and undisturbed use, even for those of us coping with disabilities.

Despite all our best efforts to make our entire website contents totally accessible, it may be that certain sections have yet to be fully adapted to accessibility requirements (most probably due to the absence of technological solutions).

As stated above, we are investing our best efforts so that the website will be as user-friendly and accessible as possible to every individual, no matter his or her condition.

In case you encounter difficulties of any sort with regard the accessibility of our site, or if you require help or additional information, please contact us; we should be pleased to be of assistance.

All the documents on the website are in the process of being adapted to make them accessible. In case you encounter a document that isn’t accessible, and you require it in accessible format, please send us a request via the site’s Contact Us form, and we would be pleased to make it accessible for you.

An external rooms reservation system (operating under an independent domain not owned by the Yearim Hotel or Gordonia) has been incorporated into the site. It may be that the rooms reservation system or sections of it have not yet been made accessible for use by disabled surfers. We are in close connection with the company responsible for the development of the reservations system, and it is our intention to update this Declaration of Accessibility and report any improvements when they occur. Please accept our apologies. In case you have been experiencing problems while trying to place an online reservation, please get in touch with us via the site’s Contact Us form, or call us by phone (972-2-5331342) and we would be pleased to help you to the best of our ability

Accessibility at the Yearim Hotel and Gordonia – Kibbutz Ma’ale Hahamisha

We have enlarged two rest rooms stalls in the Shaked Building, adapting them for use by disabled individuals.

We have installed a ramp, to help guests maneuver the incline from the parking lot to the Shaked Building back entrance, and we intend in the very immediate future to redraw the Shaked parking slots.

We have redesigned a room in the Arava Building, to make it accessible.

We have redesigned three rooms in the Shaked Building, to make them accessible.

We have marked all the stairs in the Shaked Building with buttons, for the benefit of our blind guests.

We have marked all the stairs in our buildings for the benefit of the sight-impaired and have also made them slip-proof – in Gordonia too.

We have introduced inductive loop telephones at both the Yearim Hotel and Gordonia.

We have developed a parking lot for the disabled, at the entrance to the Arava Building entrance.

We are replacing the entrance door to the Shaked Building, with a door that meets the needs of the disabled.

We are developing a dedicated parking lot at Gordonia, for the use by disabled guests.

For additional information on accessibility at the Yearim Hotel and Gordonia, please contact Meir Simani at *3992, during activity hours.

Accessibility Advisors

The accessibility advisor for the Internet site is Ms. Reut Goldstein of nlprogramming.

Important notice as of 27 October 2017: The site still is in the process of becoming full accessible, and it is under the supervision of Ms. Goldstein. Please contact us for further information.

For the comfort of surfers with disabilities, please check the site map, organized for comfortable surfing.