Gordonia Private Hotel Spa


At the Gordonia Spa, you will find a rare combination of the breathtaking view and the intoxicating scents of the Jerusalem mountains—endless tranquility and an intimate treat for those in search of the very best.

Living Room Talks

“Living Room Talks”​

The “Living Room Talks” are special and intimate lectures for hotel guests.
At Gordonia, we make sure that you are warm and comfortable during the winter too…

Bicycle rental for hotel guests

Bicycle rental for hotel guests

We are always looking for new ways to treat our guests…
And now we’re offering bicycle rental. Who says you can’t have it all?
Enjoy a leisurely ride through the countryside at your own pace.

ATV Trips for hotel guests

ATV Trips for hotel guests

ATV trips for hotel guests on a variety of tracks
We continue to spoil our guests and provide new services…
And this time, it’s ATV trips. Who says you can’t have it all?

תפריט כריות

Pillows Menu

Our pillows menu has designed and adjusted in particular, to enable you to get a peaceful, relaxing night’s sleep, to “recharge your batteries.” Each of our pillows has been produced exclusively to meet Gordonia’s exacting standards of quality, for a comfortable sleep and sweet dreams.

Gordonia Hotel Spa

Treatments Menu

The Gordonia Private Hotel offers a variety of private, pampering, top-quality spa treatments in your own private suite, which is transformed into a private spa with a relaxing and placid ambience. No need to leave your suite for even a moment.

מלון גורדוניה - סלון

Room service menu

Chef salads and special plates (Choices). Market Salad 58 ₪ Fresh Israeli vegetables straight from the market, cut in to large pieces seasoned with olive oil, lemons, and hyssop

Gordonia Hotel Hot Tub

Warm Gordonia Winter

A first for Israel, unique and exclusive at the Gordonia Hotel, Each suite with a beautifully designed private deck complemented by a private heated swimming pool and private (40°C) hot tub.

Gordonia Hotel salon

The Living Room

A luxurious salon situated adjacent to the personal villas, for romantic, intimate hospitality An elegant inviting ambience with breathtaking views of the landscape.