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Mifgash Karavan - Abu Ghosh

Abu Ghosh is home to dozens of restaurants, and the argument as to which serves the best hummus will continue for many a year. Nevertheless, there is one unique restaurant that deserves recognition. Its founder, Haj Musa, the mukhtar of Abu Ghosh, opened Mifgash Karavan in 1950 at a location close to the main road leading into Jerusalem, which served as a caravansary during Ottoman Turkish times; hence its name. The beautiful, elegant restaurant features a patio offering wonderful views of the hills and the village houses. The food is traditional Arab cuisine, and it is good! Sitting under the shade of the large grapevine bower, is especially pleasing.

The restaurant is open daily, 10:00-22:30. Address: 27 Derekh Hashalom, Abu Ghosh.
Tel: 053-9426817.