Abu Ghosh

Situated in the heart of the Jerusalem Hills, the Gordonia Hotel serves as a base for tours in the vicinity that are no more than a short drive away. Many of the routes are easy and comfortable, and they are fascinating. Routes can be covered by foot, car, bike, or by combining a short drive with a pleasant walk and the opportunity to enjoy nature and the excellent air.

The village of Abu Ghosh is located two kilometers southwest of the Yearim Hotel.

How to get there? 
Exit the Yearim Hotel towards Kiryat Anavim and Highway #1, to Abu
Ghosh. It’s about a five-minute drive.

What’s worthwhile? 
Abu Ghosh is a very old village, dating back more than 6000 years.
During Old Testament times, the place was known as Kiryat Yearim, and it served as an
important Jewish ceremonial center, where the Ark of the Covenant was housed. During the Byzantine period (about 1500 years ago), it gained renown as a Christian holy site, and its first church was erected then. About 1000 years ago, during the Crusader period, the village was identified with Emmaus, where Jesus appeared after the Resurrection, and the Benedictine monastery was built then.
The Benedictine monastery is a beautiful building well worth a visit. Lovely frescoes adorn the interior walls of the monastery, nestled in the heart of a well-manicured garden with ancient trees, and a spring flows from the crypt at the base of the monastery. The Church of Our Lady of the Ark of Covenant is located on Abu Ghosh’s highest site, opposite the Jerusalem Hills.
It was constructed in 1924 on the ruins of a church from Byzantine times, and a large statue of the Virgin Mary stands in the courtyard. A few nuns live there on a permanent basis. The present village was established in Ottoman times by the Abu Ghosh Family, and most of the current residents, about 5500 in number, are its descendants.
In Israel, Abu Ghosh’s greatest claim to fame is its hummus. Many restaurants are scattered all through the village, and you’re welcome to see which hummus you best prefer. Many shops are also located in Abu Ghosh, the most prominent of which sell glassware, candles and excellent baklava, kanafe, and other sweet treats

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There are not many places that echo the story of Israel in a clear, distinct voice; there are only a few where the visitor can tune into the past while totally enjoying the present. The new Gordonia Hotel at Kibbutz Ma’ale Hahamisha is one of these rare places. Acquaint yourself with the green, tranquil setting – the enchantment and tremendous pull of the landscape of the Jerusalem Hills, along with the roots, struggles, the desire for a tranquil life, the bond with the land, the vineyards, forests and hills – and you will understand the story of Israel.

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