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Gordonia Unplugged

“Gordonia Unplugged” is a series of intimate acoustic performances exclusively for hotel guests.
We promised you more surprises and treats, and we stay true to our word!

Gordonia guests will enjoy these UNPLUGGED performances by leading Israeli singers and artists.

The concerts will take place on Wednesdays at 21:30, exclusively for Gordonia guests and at no extra charge. Come join us!


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There are not many places that echo the story of Israel in a clear, distinct voice; there are only a few where the visitor can tune into the past while totally enjoying the present. The new Gordonia Hotel at Kibbutz Ma’ale Hahamisha is one of these rare places. Acquaint yourself with the green, tranquil setting – the enchantment and tremendous pull of the landscape of the Jerusalem Hills, along with the roots, struggles, the desire for a tranquil life, the bond with the land, the vineyards, forests and hills – and you will understand the story of Israel.

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