ATV trips for hotel guests on a variety of tracks

New at the Gordonia Hotel!
We continue to spoil our guests and provide new services…
And this time, it’s ATV trips. Who says you can’t have it all?

A vacation combining a nature experience with adrenaline, action, and surprises.
And all this surrounded by breathtaking landscapes!

The hotel is located in an ideal place for these field trips.

You are welcome to enjoy a taste of the area, some thrills, and incredible views of the Jerusalem mountains. We offer one- and two-hour ATV trips.

  • Special rates for hotel guests (payment at the living room)
  • Valid driver licenses must be presented.
  • When choosing clothing for the trip, please consider the current conditions, such as dust or mud.
ATV Trips for hotel guests

“Into the Countryside” experience
60 minutes

Departing west towards Ma’ale Hachamisha, through Derech Hapatrolim and Mount Rafid.

Includes a lookout towards   Qatna, Modi’in and Tel Aviv.

At the observation deck, we will stop for a few minutes to take pictures and a drink of  water, before returning to the hotel.

“Into the Countryside” experience
120 minutes

Starting westward and visiting the following locations along the track:

Givat Haradar, Ma’ale Hachamisha, Mount Rafid, the scenic route of Nahal Kfira, and Mount Ruach.

At Mount Ruach, we will stop for coffee and tea with cookies, and the guide will share some information about the area.

After the pause, we will drive back to the hotel.